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With 25 years collective experience, we provide: increased returns on investment, reduced risk & increased likelihood of success of your planning application or permit. Carswell Planning is the right choice for: pre-development feasibility studies, taking an application forward, brokering of studies, public consultation and Presentation to Committee and Council. Celebrate your success with Carswell Planning at your side.

Bart Carswell
Bart Carswell RPP, MCIP

My name is Bart Carswell.  I am the owner and director of Carswell Planning Incorporated.  We are an urban planning company.  One of the services we provide is a Planning Brief which is an investigation into the municipal policy documents that apply to a property undergoing development.  This is provided to the land owner after correspondence and verification with municipal administration as to the feasibility of the development and the planning process to follow.

I’ve been a member of the Canadian Institute of Planners since 1997 and recognized as a Registered Professional Planner.  As an RPP, we are held to a high standard for ethical and professional competency.  Carswell Planning engages and collaborates in the planning process, the politics and the technical aspects of land development towards your success.

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Preliminary Planning Brief

Choose a Registered Professional Planner to validate your development ideas. This preliminary planning brief flags any issues that may arise...

Brokering of Studies

Choose the right consultant for your supporting documentation, based on criteria price, quality, turnaround time and respect in the industry...

Presentation to Committee/Council

Work towards a favourable decision through: correspondence with municipal administration, revisions to address any circulation comments...

Development Applications

Complete your application with a convincing package developed specifically for your project. Such as planning justification reports,application filled out...

Public Engagement

Gain support for your project, through public engagement using: open house presentation of the project, presenting findings from studies...

Subdivision and Development Appeal Board

Should the need arise to appeal a decision: appeal justification report, application filled out...

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