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With 25 years collective experience, we provide: increased returns on investment, reduced risk & increased likelihood of success of your planning application or permit. Carswell Planning is the right choice for: pre-development feasibility studies, taking an application forward, brokering of studies, public consultation and presentation to Committee and Council. Celebrate your success with Carswell Planning at your side.


Pre-Development Feasibility
Site Plans/Permits
Brokering of Studies
Presentation to Committee
Development Applications
Title Search
Public Consultation
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"Thank you, Bart, for all your help in patiently explaining the rather difficult procedure regarding Development Permits and how to proceed with the City. The numerous pointers you gave me will not only save me quite a bit of money, but also, you came up with other, rather ingenious, ideas that will no doubt allow my Development Permit application to be approved. In sharing your knowledge and experience with me on the phone, I can see that you put the client first, and for that, I will always be immensely grateful. Thank you so much."

Maureen Lyttle


Bart Carswell

Calgary, Alberta
Bart Carswell RPP, MCIP

Calgary, Alberta
Office: Radisson Centre, Remax Comm. 525, 28 Street NE, Calgary
Mail: 223-104 1240 Kensington RD NW
T2N 3P7
Phone: (587) 437-6750

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